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Annother bright idea from the cabinet. July 20, 2005

Posted by Winter in poverty.

Great, our conservative wolf in socailist sheep clothing of a government has come up with another bright idea to tackle troublesome teens who get expelled from school. Make the parents stay at home and look after them, thus forcing them out of work. Having only heard about this on the radio this morning and thus only knowing about the basic premise of the plan, I can see several major down falls. Most worryingly, this is really another plan which will penalise working class, low income families, and single parent families, especially the women in those families. As bad behaviour is linked to class, poverty, poor resources, nutrition and schooling it is likely that those children, and their families will be from low income groups who can’t afford to move to nice areas with good schools, and who can’t afford to take time off work to look after unruly children. As always nice middle class families who can afford organic meat and vegetables, housing in areas with good schools or private education and nannys are much less likely to be affected by thes plans.

How many employers are going to be sympathetic to parents who have to take extended periods of time off work to look after children who should be inschool, or provided for by the eduaction authority. What is more, it is likely to be women who are forced to stay at home, further damaging their employment records and career prospects. Surely the goverment would be better off thinking up some creative strategies to improve school disciplin and nutrition, lifting low income families out of the poverty trap and engaging problem children in pograms that would spark their interest and desire to improve their prospects rather than producing a policy that effectively disadvantages low income families who are already struggling to keep afloat.

More to follow when I have time to do a bit of research.



1. Winter - July 20, 2005

He really is absolutely bonkers isn’t he!?

2. A holy heaven face - July 20, 2005

Did you mean ‘cabinet’ and not ‘cabinate’?

3. Naiades - July 20, 2005

yes, probably, my spelling is really bad. Appologies.

4. Naiades - July 20, 2005

Bonkers, but in power. Scary indeed.


5. Winter - July 20, 2005

Terrifying because he seems to be living in a completely different world to the rest of us.

6. Naiades - July 20, 2005

indeed, just wish he’d keep his crack pot ideas in there with him. absolutely crackers.

7. Emma - July 20, 2005

It’s a shame that Blair can’t keep his “thinking outside the box” a bit more firmly under wraps. Of course this is never going to be implemented, but it doesn’t make his constituents wonder exactly what’s going on between his ears.

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