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Death to the Bunny – Update July 17, 2005

Posted by Winter in pornography, sex industry.

“I don’t care if a baby holds up a Playboy bunny rattle,” Hugh (Hef) Hefner.

Well, at least he’s honest. I think I’d be more offended if he pretended to care. At least you know where you stand with the guy.

Right, I can’t find anywhere to directly complain on the WHSmiths website, and I can’t get the link to work anyway. I have found an email address: customer.relations@whsmith.co.uk If you want to complain, I’d recommend calm, polite letters, explaining why you think it’s wrong and telling them you won’t be shopping there again until the merchandise is removed.

Object, the campaign against sexist images in the media and advertising are also going to take this up. I don’t think it’s on the main site yet, but you can get in touch with them about it. According to Object, TESCO have agreed to remove “Lads mags” to the top shelf. While I’m actually against censorship as such, I think this is a positive move. The images on many of the covers are really no different to the images adorning Playboy and other “girlie” mags.

If you need any encouragement check out the Playboy website. Read all about how to get your girl to pose for Playboy, and listen to Hef’s advice about how to approach a beautiful woman. I bet you can’t wait.

This is bizarrely interesting. Here’s a site run by some ex Playboy bunnies. Enter the site and go into History of the Playboy Bunny. Here you can find an original recruitment brochure. Scroll down and click on “next” to find out whether you could have made it as a bunny. Apparently there were no standard height and weight requirements, but bunnies had to be “properly proportioned”. This is a well set up site, actually, and good if you want to find out about the other side of the story from the bunnies themselves. Make up your own mind as to whether they were liberated women, or self-deluding women with a bad case of internalised sexism. They had to do 8 hour shifts…in those shoes!!! Ouch!

But if that’s quite enough cottontales for you, cheer yourself up with Bunnies on Strike, a fun feminist riot grrrl site. Nice bit of feminist re-appropriation this.



1. Emma - July 18, 2005

There’s a petition against WH Smith selling porn-related stationery to children here.

2. Winter - July 18, 2005

Brilliant! Thanks Emma. I’ve got the petition myself, but I couldn’t get the link to work. This is one issue where I think we as feminists can form an alliance with a catholic school.

3. Emma - July 18, 2005

Yep, although it did stick slightly in my throat.

4. Winter - July 18, 2005

I’m gagging a bit too! Shame we couldn’t have got there first.

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