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Earning your hero-worship. July 11, 2005

Posted by Winter in music.

In this media driven celebrity crazy age it is rare that you come accross a public figure who really earns their hero-worship. Micheal Stipe, the front man of the fantastic REM is one of those people. For the final Date of their UK tour, REM were in Cardiff, and I was one of the people lucky to be there. (REM have actually got one more data to play having postponed their london gig after the terrible events og thursday morning until next week) It is not that the music is fantastic, the stage presence of the band electric and whole show suberbly put together. All of this is true, but that is not why I believe that REM have earned our respect.

Last week REM played a protest concert to highlight the plight of the burmese people, who’s democratically elected leader, Aung San Suu Kyi is still under house arrest after 10 years of a military occupation(appologies forhuge oversimplification of the political situation in burma). Last night REM played a tribute the the people of London affected by the bomobings and a protest song against the actions of the american government in Iraq, also dedicating a song to ‘anyone who has ever felt like an outsider’ and playing a requsest from the fan club. Micheal Stipe also spent a lengthy time thanking his band, his musicains and every member of his crew. At the close of the concert Amnesty international and Oxfam were both thanked, as REM had asked both organisations to come with them on tour. The audince were asked to pick up a leaflet or join one of the organisations. If already aware of the work these organisations do, we were asked to take some information anyway and pass it on to some one who didn’t.

REM are a huge band who command a massive audience. Instead of swimming around in a pool of self loving glory they recognise this privilaged position and use it to communicate about issues that are dear to their heart. They Champion the rights of humanity as a whole and challenge the privilages of the powerful few. They continually challenge accepted norms about gender and question the way that we all treat each other, trying to get the message out there that ‘we’re all in this togther so isn’t it time that we started looking out for each other’. They do not passively stand by and watch things happen that they do not agree with. and they do all this with energy and passion and dignity. This is a band that has earned it’s hero-worship.

REM I salute you.



1. Emma - July 11, 2005
2. Naiades - July 11, 2005

Thanks Emma, I’ll book mark that site.

3. Winter - July 11, 2005

I was also at the concert and it was absolutely fantastic. I am now quite in love with Michale Stipe.

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